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Five Basic Price Structures

All five basic price structures will include (at each visit) a through inspection of the property with a written report and photos of any damaged areas.  This written report will then be sent to the customer.

At Each Visit We Will Check For:

Break-ins and Vandalism    Trees Down on Roof, Driveway, Yard, etcBroken windows and doors

Power Outages             Thermostat Setting for Heating & Cooling       Forwarding of mail if needed

Basic Price Packages are as Follows

Each additional visit will be charged at $25.00 per visit which includes vehicle and gas expense.
(Does not apply to 'On Demand' Service)
One Visit Per Month
One Visit Per Month
Two Visits Per Month
Broken Water Pipes
Batteries in Fire and Smoke Detectors
On Demand Visits
$44.95 (each visit)
Four Visits Per Month
Three Visits Per Month